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The Blessing Way is a faith-based agency which provides spiritual and social support for men and women who are returning to the Providence area from prison or drug treatment. We offer holistic, wrap-around personalized guidance and support to those who have demonstrated a commitment to recovery, personal change, and social responsibility.


The Blessing Way was formed in 2004 under the direction of Rev. Dr. Joyce Penfield, a Chaplain at the Rhode Island Department of Correction, as an ecumenical effort to offer a spiritually-oriented response to the high rate of return to prison and death by overdose among formerly incarcerated men and women.

We are a fast-paced and fast growing agency which has developed steady social service programming that deals with the whole person. Between Jan. 05 and Jan. 09, our funds increased from $6,000 to $143,000 in 4 short years.

Holistic Approach:

The Blessing Way is unique to many other reentry organizations because we offer wrap-around services and include spirituality as a key part of our program offerings.

Our name, “The Blessing Way”, was chosen for its many spiritual connections. The Blessing Way is a traditional Native American healing ceremony used at a turning point in a person’s life to restore harmony with self, others, and the Creator. Members of the community gather to give the person prayers and blessings as a sign of spiritual strength for the “way” and that is why the ceremony is called “the blessing way”. Today, the ritual is most commonly used for preparing pregnant women for birth but in ancient times it was also used to reintegrate a community member who had strayed away. We chose the name for its symbolic association to our own efforts to provide spiritual support to those being reintegrated into our communities.

We believe that our participants need guidance and support in many different parts of their lives. If any of the parts are missing, the chances of reentering successfully are lessened. That is why we offer Job Assistance, Case Management, Emergency Needs, Mentoring, Life Skills education, and Spirituality.

We are a faith-based but nondenominational agency rooted in a broad understanding of spirituality. The Blessing Way offers meditation as a spiritual practice because it offers relaxation and the opportunity to feed the spirit in a calm, open, supportive circle. We do not require our participants to practice a specific religion or faith; however, many of our staff participate in specific religions or denominations in their personal lives. We encourage spiritual development among our participants because we believe that it plays a major role in character development which can result in positive behaviors which are necessary for successful reentry and sustained recovery. Some of the behaviors/attitudes we focus on include: honesty, trust of others, humility, self-respect, self-reliance, respect for others, generosity, self-forgiveness, boundary-setting, forgiveness of others, inner peace, accountability for one’s actions, freedom from inner pain, gratitude, and the ability to confront barriers in life in a positive and nonviolent manner.


We are committed to providing those coming out of prison or residential drug treatment facilities a safe and welcoming, nonjudgmental space in which to successfully transition to independent living that is drug-free and crime-free life. We seek to assist the formerly incarcerated and/or those in recovery to live out their full potential as children of God.

We are a nondenominational agency rooted in a broad and diverse understanding of spirituality. Participation is open to anyone who demonstrates a commitment to a drug-free, crime-free, and socially responsible lifestyle. No particular belief or religious background is required of our participants.



Eligibility: A demonstrated commitment to emotional and spiritual growth and a drug-free, crime-free life style.

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