Our History

The Blessing Way was formed in 2004 under the direction of Rev. Dr. Joyce Penfield, a Chaplain at the Rhode Island Department of Correction, as an ecumenical effort to offer a spiritually-oriented response to the high rate of return to prison and death by overdose among formerly incarcerated men and women.

We are a fast-paced and fast growing agency which has developed steady social service programming that deals with the whole person.

We provide Job Counseling, Team Mentoring, a weekly Spiritual Circle and Life Skills class, some Life coaching, and Case Management through the 90-120 day program. Our Hands to Work job training program gives those with few immediate economic resources an opportunity to learn skills while searching for their own full-time employment and completing other program requirements.

Eligibility: A demonstrated commitment to emotional and spiritual growth and a drug-free, crime-free life style.

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