What do I have to do to use your services?

You will need to Register or apply. In most cases it is an easy procedure, but will require an appointment in advance. We have a Job Assistance program which is open to most anyone who is unemployed and low income in the greater Providence area. Our Comprehensive Housing program is only open for those who are preparing to leave prison or residential drug treatment and it has some very specific eligibility requirements. Our Life Skills and Mentoring programs are open to anyone seeking help. Check the program of interest in this website for more details or call our office at 401-709-3697 for more information.

Do you only help those who have been incarcerated?

No, but ex-offenders are our specialty. Our Job Assistance program helps family members of the incarcerated or formerly incarcerated as well as the homeless, those in recovery from substance abuse, and unemployed, low income men and women in the metro-Providence area.

Do you screen those seeking your help?

We register anyone who is clean and sober and committed to a drug-free, crime-free life style. Some of our programs have additional requirements. Please note that we have an alcohol and drug free policy. You will not be allowed to enter if you arrive intoxicated with drugs or alcohol.

How much do your services cost?

Most are free. Out Housing Program requires residents to pay 30 per cent of their gross pay or a set amount per week.

I have a felony record. Can you help me get a job?

Yes. This is our specialty. But we can not GIVE you a job. You have to attend our job counseling sessions. We have Job Coaches to help you prepare a resume, prepare for an interview, set up an internet account, and search for jobs. For help, just call us at: 401-709-3697

I need a job but I don't live in Providence. Can you help me?

Yes, if you are low income, unemployed, and were formerly incarcerated. We also help those who are homeless and/or in recovery from substance abuse However, please be aware that most of our business partners and job referrals are in the metro-Providence area.

Do you help people in prison before they are released?

Yes. We provide courses on self-understanding and character development which help you develop inner strength and wisdom for living. Some of these courses include: Houses of Healing: Emotional Awareness, Boundaries for Healthy Relationships, Resolving Conflict Non-Violently, and Faith Matters.

Can I stay in your sober house?

We have housing but only for those who are leaving the state prison in Rhode Island or the Providence Center Residential program at Mathias. You must meet very specific requirements to qualify because our Transitional Housing Program is a comprehensive, structured program which follows sober house rules but makes many other requirements of participants.

What role does church or religion play in The Blessing Way?

We model and encourage a spiritual orientation which seeks the sacred within ourselves and outside. Our programs are intended to provide positive support and guidance to help our participants find/strengthen spiritual resources for their recovery and reentry.

Are you Christ-centered or Secular?

We are neither. We are spiritually-centered. For some of us, this means being born-again and Christ-centered. For others it means turning to Native American or Buddhist practices of inner peace and strength. For all of us, it means drawing upon the inner spiritual resources of our own traditions to provide positive support and guidance for anyone striving to live a crime-free, drug-free, socially responsible life.

Where are you located?

Our main site is in the community at St. Peter's & St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in the Mt. Pleasant/Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, RI. Our volunteers also offer a weekly Spirituality and Meditation circles at a residential drug treatment facility in Rhode Island.

How do I get to your office by bus?

Take Bus #56 from Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence. Get off at Chalkstone & Academy Avenues (next to Walgreen's). Walk left on Academy for about 5 blocks. Turn right onto Pomona Avenue. The Blessing Way Office is located at 25 Pomona Avenue up a long wooden wheelchair ramp of St. Peter's & St. Andrew's Church.

Do you have any services for family members or partners?

We are very committed to family reunification for those who seek it. Adult family members, partners, or friends can accompany participants to our Life Skills Peer Support Group or use our Job Assistance services.

I'm a Probation or Parole officer. How can you help me do my job?

We are very open to working in partnership with you. We try to keep you informed of the ways in which your client is participating in our services. We write letters to support those on home confinement so that they can participate in our programs; we notify you when participants are being uncooperative or having difficulties with their recovery.

I own a company. Is your Job Assistance program helpful for me?

There are several tax advantages for hiring someone who is within one year of release from prison or has been homeless. There are also grants and free government money which you can obtain for training and development of your personnel. Our Business Outreach workers will assist you in applying for these funds. We seek companies or businesses who would like to work in partnership with us or hire our participants who have successfully completed our job assistance program.

How old is your organization?

The Blessing Way was incorporated in June 2004 and has provided programming in Providence since that time.

I belong to a church. How can we help your organization?

There are many ways you can help The Blessing Way. You can urge your Missions or Outreach Committee to donate funds to us. You can ask your church to sponsor one or more of our programs for a period of time or a percentage of a program, for example: 20% of the Housing Program. We always need volunteers in many ways. We especially need volunterr Relief Workers for our Housing Program and Job Coaches and our Job Assistance program. You could also invite one of our staff accompanied by a participant to speak at your church or community group.

How can I volunteer to help The Blessing Way?

We have lots of needs for skilled and trained adults. They include: Board Membership, Job Coaching, Recovery Mentoring, client contact, Cooking, and Office Help.

Do you have any case management or other paid positions?

Occasionally we have part-time openings. Check our Home Page for announcements.

Eligibility: A demonstrated commitment to emotional and spiritual growth and a drug-free, crime-free life style. Call 401-709-3697 for an Intake Interview.

Learn more: About The Blessing Way, Explore Our History, Our Holistic Approach, Our Staff, Financial Information or Join our Mailing list to keep in touch with all of our on-going events.

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