Case Management

We have case managers at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections who assist constituents in making plans for release ("discharge planning"). In addition, we provide case management for all those registered in our Job Assistance or Life Skills program. The aim of our case management is to guide clients in decision making, make referrals, help constituents obtain services they need, and monitor delivery of these services.

It only takes one or 2 months in prison to lose one's housing, job, clothes, possessions, and sometimes, family members.

Tina receives guidance

Emergency Needs Assistance

There is a small amount of money for emergency needs to assist constituents in difficulty. In addition, The Blessing Way works in partnership with the Food Pantry of St. Peter's and St. Andrew's Church which provides groceries to needy Blessing Way constituents. In 2008, over 150 bags of groceries were given to Blessing Way constituents and their families.


Cost per client $250

Eligibility: A demonstrated commitment to emotional and spiritual growth and a drug-free, crime-free life style.

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