Eighty percent of state prisoners report a history of drug or alcohol use. In fact, more than half (55 percent) of state prisoners report using drugs or alcohol during the commission of the crime that resulted in their incarceration. The statistics are similar for those exiting our nation's jails: two-thirds of this population were actively involved in drugs prior to their admission, and 36 percent were using drugs or alcohol at the time of their offense. A number of challenges have made it difficult to get people the right drug or alcohol treatment they need:

We provide more extensive coaching for high risk participants. These are individuals who have been in and out of prison extensively because of substance abuse issues; those with co-occurring disorders; those who are homeless or on the verge of being homeless; and those who are reflecting a high degree of stress in their life to the point of affecting their mental or emotional functioning or their ability to make decisions.

Eligibility: A demonstrated commitment to emotional and spiritual growth and a drug-free, crime-free life style.

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