Blessing Way operates with a broad definition of "spirituality" which is non-denominational and inclusive.

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Client: "If you're headed in the wrong direction, God allows u-turns...and so does the Blessing Way"

Spiritual Circle - Host Site

Our spiritual circles are non-denominational and contemplative in nature. The focus is on care of the human spirit and inner healing. They provide a forum for holding one another accountable for growth and change. Each circle meeting includes a check-in; a guided or silent meditation; sharing of concerns; a spiritual topic for the week; and a circle closing. Supportive adult family members or friends are welcome to accompany participants.

Circles meet in the evenings weekly at our host site in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Providence. They are free, optional, and open to all registered participants and their family and friends.

Spirituality Class - Drug Treatment Site

A spirituality class which consists of meditation and the use of other spiritual resources has been led weekly at the Providence Center Residential-Matthias since 2006. A team of dedicated Blessing Way volunteers bring a spirit of hope to residents at this drug treatment facility.

Long-term Blessing Way Volunteers at the Providence Center-Matthias

Family education:

Supportive family members and friends of those who have struggled with substance abuse often seek our staff out for guidance. Our Executive Director regularly provides guidance and information about the nature of addiction and the challenges of recovery to family members/partners/friends. We use pastoral strategies, such as active listening, positive affirmation, positive examples of recovery, and a spiritual perspective of change and hope to advocate for participants who are wrestling with substance abuse issues which family members may not understand.

Eligibility: A demonstrated commitment to emotional and spiritual growth and a drug-free, crime-free life style.

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