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A structured comprehensive program for those released from the Adult Correctional Institution in Rhode Island who have completed certain courses on character development and other experiences. This program is funded by private donations and a few grants. Currently (in 2009) we have 4 beds for men and 4 beds for women in two separate locations in Providence. Residents must work or complete community service, must attend 4 AA or NA meetings per week, a house meeting, and a Life Skills Peer Support group weekly as well as follow all the house rules.

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The purpose of the Blessing Way Housing Program is to provide the habit of a crime-free, drug-free, spiritually oriented life style. We serve as a bridge from the highly regulated life of prison or residential drug treatment to independent living in the community. While we respect your privacy, we do work closely with Probation and Parole to reduce the possibility of drug relapse and recidivism.

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Community living:

Our Housing program practices the art of “community living.” Residents and staff live together in one apartment unit and consequently must learn to share common space and lives. Our Men’s House is all double rooms; our women’ house has some single rooms which are assigned by seniority and one double room. While we follow many rules that a sober house or three-quarter house may follow, such as 12-step meeting requirements and curfews, our program involves a much greater degree of guidance and supervision during the entire stay. Each week service residents attend a worship or spiritual group of their choice; 4 AA or NA meetings; a Life Skills Peer Support Group; a House Meeting; and 20-30 hours of work or approved community service. During their first 2 weeks with us, they are required to develop a Relocation Plan which plans their next step after graduation and a financial plan which we will monitor weekly.

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Our program is unique to many others because we offer wrap around services and include spirituality as part of our program. We believe that our residents need help in a variety of parts of their lives and without one of these, the chances of reentering successfully are lessened. This is why along with Housing, we offer Job Assistance, Case Management, Mentoring, Life Skills, and Spirituality. We believe that spirituality is the core to successful reentry and recovery. It helps you develop character, honesty, self-esteem, self-reliance, respect for others, and ability to confront barriers in your life. We offer Meditation as a practice because it offers relaxation and the opportunity to feed the spirit in a calm, open, trusting circle. We have a broad understanding of spirituality which is not connected to a particular religion. Muslims are welcome to be in our housing program as long as they are willing to respect our Christian practices as well. We do not require our residents to practice a specific religion or domination, although many of our staff certainly practice and submit to the authority of given dominations. House residents are free to choose their own place of worship or meditation to meet the weekly requirement. We have had residents of many different spiritual orientations.


Cost of our program in 2008 was $700 per person per month which includes a completely furnished room, employment assistance, case management, mentoring, life skills education, clothing, internet and telephone. Cost of one month at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections is $3,000- $4,000.

Eligibility: A demonstrated commitment to emotional and spiritual growth and a drug-free, crime-free life style.

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